28 May 2017

However, it must be standed out that for any economic activity, and on this case for the tourism, the principles of the sustainable development are based on the economic efficiency and the conservation of the nature, therefore in still natural areas, the tourism can be considered tool of ambient conservation, and at the same time .causing of negative impacts. Therefore, the planning of the tourism must be come back toward the conservation of the natural resources, and of as to become viable increasing practical of the activity without aggression the environment, being provided the economic and sustainable development. Ruschmann (1997) affirms that the tourism nowadays is a great consumer of green areas, and the consequncias of the displacement of people in search of the natural environment, had made with that in recent years, the concept of sustainable tourism gained certain prominence. Thus, as the presented context of the importance of the APA Capivari - Monos for protection of the natural resources, as well as the evident proportionate potential for the tourism, the present article analyzes the current period of training of development of the tourist activity in this APA and argues the relations with the conservation of the nature front to this development, through the public politics and projects carried through for the municipal agencies of tourism and environment of the City of So Paulo. One understands that for the implantation of the tourism of responsible form, it must be taken in consideration the concepts of support, since in natural areas the inadequate planning can present high degree of degradation caused by visitors, and to other happened factors of the tourist demand. 3 extreme IDH south city of So Paulo: (0.3%) Complete IDH in 5 For the accomplishment of the research, looked for to get information through qualitative interview with social agents of the responsible institutions for the elaboration and implantation of the tourism politics, as well as the assistemtica comment of the visitation that currently occurs in the APA Capivari? Monos, beyond analyzes of the Plan of Development of Turismo (PDT) and reading of the legislation of ambient protection and sustainable development in Units of Conservation.
Wasserman Morris



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