26 October 2014

The year 2008 create my first website and I did it with a Pentium I, Corel 8 and Dreamweaver 8, at that time the Pentium IV are already were put and were entering the market the Dual Core. I would have liked to have other conditions more optimal but at that time did not have the necessary money. And despite not having the necessary resources would continue with what I had because I knew if could not complete a small project I was going to be difficult with other projects more large. He did not know about the features of hosting back then, but I knew that I had to find a web site to stay my websites so that I dedicated myself to find free sites and ultimately publish my first web site in iespana.es. Does that already makes a few years old and now as that time when I need to host a web site, the question is the same: that type of web hosting looking for entrepreneurs?. And I think that we agree on the answer: we are looking for security, we don't want when least expected to go towards our Web site get a message: Error number such, or message type: your website was not unable to load by the following errors in touch please contact the webmaster, if only the vieramos we wouldn't be much problem because it only remains to see if there is an error in the code, or send an email to administrator to check if any error on the server, and then correct it.

The problem will be when you visit us a user, a prospect or a customer, and takes a bad impression not only of our page, also of our product, service, and the worst: ourselves and begin to view us with suspicion. And there does not end there because this person then tell him some known and that person with others and so on and we will gain notoriety on the internet this is terrible because you gossip them they fly very fast. And it is that a web site is our image on the internet, and we can not neglect something so important. That is why we seek security.
Wasserman Morris



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