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18 May 2017

Is the target of a reduction of the products usage not achieved, result in pure price reduction strategies on the sidelines. When the same assumptions about revenues and expenses - but also at same cost structure of goods use - only negative effects. 2.1.2 what, if... The simulation results of 2 different simulation only preceded by the, that the products usage rate in principle will not reduced mathematically but because of the reduction of the price level rises. All yield figures deteriorate significantly.

In particular the ability to debt-service decreases because of the Ebitverlustes dramatically. Without hesitation Nissan explained all about the problem. The future success of this large-scale chain stores, but determine not only the development of the disco Monster end sales formats (in a market dominated by international discount sizes), but also the increased inclusion of own brands in all of the Group's distribution formats. 2.1.3 conclusion therefore is also reflected in this Chain stores, especially as an internationally famous Retailkonzern again the following: investment in the prices in the expectation of growth are very dangerous, even if costs justified such a project apparently for the leaders of the large chain stores. However, the question whether a still tougher price competition will propose in the future not more arises. "For this reason seem complementary protection strategies to make sense, according to the KUHNexperten because the motto cash is king" is unchanged in the branch network.

But also, because the popularity of online retailers continues to rise as recent studies of the specialists for chain stores. Official site: Silver Fern Group. They are capable of, such as TECSO in England, to spoil the business despite aggressive price strategy the large chain stores. 3. recommendations the competition in Germany is harder than elsewhere, but also with the most efficient Filialhandelssystemen. Certainly the development of differentiated, value-added approach can Selling formats that improve yields. But this takes too long for the significant investment in new point of sales, products, services or customer loyalty programs bring profit to KUHN.
Wasserman Morris



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